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Turn data and insights into action across your digital and physical sales channels.

LOCUS enables companies to harness the power of geospatial data to unlock insights that drive better decision making across all acquisition channels. Kickstart your path to customer acquisition with your 1st party data from either sales or CRM that can then be enriched with additional criteria and attributes from location and 3rd party data sets. Gathering these additional insights on your customers can drive better cross selling opportunities and retention strategies. Take learnings from your 1st party data sets and go beyond your customer data by accessing thousands of relevant attributes from LOCUS and the LOCUS Data Marketplace. Uncover your most valuable prospects and use the insights to drive traditional and digital acquisition channels or use attributes to enhance prospect routing onboarding to increase close rates and reduce churn. Leverage LOCUS as your most powerful customer acquisition tool and start connecting business lines across your organization today.

LOCUS NotebookEQ Works has launched a Notebook product that enables Data Scientists and Analysts to explore, analyze and visualize customer first-party data and the extended EQ marketplace.

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LOCUS QLLOCUS Query Lab (QL) is a no-code SQL-driven data engine that enables people of all skill levels to explore, analyze and visualize customer first-party data.

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MapWhether analyzing macro trends or getting granular, the mapping functionality helps contextualize insights in relation to other geographic areas.

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Customer Value

  • New and deeper InsightsLOCUS enables you to drive deeper insights on your customers by giving you additional attributes at the individual or household level. Use these new insights to retention and upselling.
  • 3rd Party Data Without ProcurementAccess the marketplace to get data and insights on customers that have the attributes that match your value proposition. LOCUS marketplace gives you access to location visitation and behavioral data, Home and Auto Insurance Data, demographic data, real estate data, consumer spending data and more.
  • Security and AnonymityLeverage powerful insights that can combine datasets in combination with your own data without compromising sensitive information data or privacy
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