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EQ provides a proprietary platform that enables companies to utilize data to drive insights
and intelligence for better strategic decision making.

EQ Works Operates At The Intersection Of Data And AI

EQ provides a proprietary platform that enables companies to utilize data to drive insights and intelligence for better strategic decision making. Our technology, complemented by some of the most sophisticated tools and datasets available, improves how businesses work by utilizing powerful first party data in ways that would have been impossible only a few years ago. By incorporating these first party data with complementary proprietary and third party data sets, EQ enables companies to better understand, predict, and influence customer behaviour and provide every level of an organization with the knowledge and analysis to properly address their unique challenges with precision.

The World Is Moving Quickly
Towards A New Digital Era

With technology changes increasing at a rapid pace and data becoming more plentiful – and more scarce – at the same time, EQ empowers companies of all sizes and at varying degrees of sophistication with the required tools to compete and grow. With over a decade of experience building advanced analytical tools and real-time analysis, EQ’s products help clients push the envelope of technology and stay ahead of their competition. Data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, visualization, insights and execution are all built into our DNA and allow us to create actionable intelligence for businesses to attract, retain, and grow the customers that matter most.

News Releases

24 May 2024

EQ Inc. Reports First Quarter Financial Results

Improvement in Gross Margin and Adjusted EBITDA Continues in 2024
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15 Apr 2024

EQ Inc. Reports Profitable Fourth Quarter and 2023 Year End Financial Results

Positive EBITDA and quarterly revenue increased by 19%
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15 Feb 2024

Paymi Partners with One of North America’s Leading Food Delivery Services to Revolutionize the Rewards Experience

Paymi, a division of EQ Inc., is pleased to announce a strategic partnership…
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The EQ Works Mission

To be a leading world-class platform that businesses turn to for data driven analysis and results. Whether its increasing sales, reducing churn, improving customer loyalty, or just working to understand your business better, EQ’s platform ingests data from huge Fortune 1000 companies, or smaller regional businesses, in a fast, efficient and secure way so that when combined with other proprietary and third-party geospatial data, we provides actionable insights to solve some of the most complex problems.

EQ's geospatial
analytics platform

Locus is the next generation, geospatial insights
and analytics platform.

Trusted by some of the world’s largest brands

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The Leading Geospatial Marketing Platform

The next generation of media buying.
Our proprietary self-serve programmatic solution
and the most advanced location-based advertising
tool – all rolled into one.

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