LOCUS dashboards and maps enable you to visualize the insights in an easy to use and powerful way.

Overview Of
Locus Dashboards

Combine data sets, create custom views and drill down to individual location-level insights, all in one place. LOCUS dashboards allow you to pull the insights, the way you need it, allowing for custom colour schemes, templates and reports on-demand - all without requiring deep technical expertise. Book your demo today.


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  • Full Data Access

    LOCUS is a powerful data tool that provides a 1st party data analysis with the ability to layer on 2nd party geospatial location data, as well as various valuable 3rd party data sets from the EQ Marketplace. LOCUS dashboards empower you to create visual and interactive insights across all data sets.

  • Easy to Use Interface

    LOCUS maps are powerful and easy to use. View location-level insights with precision and depth by layering on all available data sets.

  • network

    Powerful Geoquery Tools

    GeoQuery enables you to pull data from interactive dashboards for any custom geographical point. It provides users on-demand insights that contain any specific parameters you require.

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