Welcome to LOCUS Query Lab

LOCUS Query Lab (QL) is a no-code SQL-driven data engine that enables people of all skill levels to explore, analyze and visualize customer first-party data alongside EQ’s own proprietary human movement datasets and the extended EQ data marketplace.

QL creates a SQL-like interface to query any type of geospatial data. With a new geospatial query engine built from the ground up for geospatial workloads. Whether it is understanding the household income distribution of last month’s ecommerce orders, or segmenting your leads by their propensity to buy – QL can unlock powerful insights with a few clicks. We’ve taken it a step further and unlocked all of this analytical power without even needing to know SQL yourself when using the QL query designer.

  • Build Once, Use Infinitely

    Analysts can define logic and queries once and changes to referenced datasets will get propagated to all underlying reports, workflows and notebooks seamlessly. QL’s saved queries let you build and share your most frequently used queries across the organization and skill levels.

  • Batteries Included

    QL comes with all the tools you need to get started with powerful geospatial analytical tasks from – schema inference and browsing, query history, advanced logic such as cases, aggregations, cross-dataset joins and geo-functions. Whether you’re an experienced data scientist or an executive on the move looking for a quick customer insight, LOCUS QL will get your business where it needs to go.

  • Data Capabilities

    The QL data engine is able to access EQ Works’ core location data capabilities, advertiser marketing data at a granular event level, your first-party data accessed via Connection Hub while leveraging hundreds of Canadian proprietary datasets available in the LOCUS Data Marketplace.

  • Visualizations

    Even though tabular data is incredibly powerful, nothing beats a visualization to uncover a pattern or insight you didn’t see before. Visualize any QL query result with our native chart builder and add a personal touch with our endless customization options.

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