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EQ’s Geospatial Analytics Platform

Locus is the next generation, geospatial insights and analytics platform for location data enrichment, foot traffic analysis, customer analysis, competitor analysis, audience profiling, segment creation and location planning.

With multiple environments to work in, Locus provides a streamlined method of deep analysis of geospatial data for everyone from tech challenged marketers, to deep query analysis for data scientists and analysts, to top level metrics for data driven execs hungry to find their next success.

Query Lab

LOCUS Query Lab (QL) is a no-code SQL-driven data engine that enables people of all skill levels to explore, analyze and visualize customer first-party data alongside EQ’s own proprietary human movement datasets and the extended EQ data marketplace.

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Locus Capability 01 Connection Hub

This provides for the most secure, efficient and seamless way to connect other data sources or your data lake to LOCUS. Connection Hub has integrated data lineage governance and transformation capabilities built-in to allow for further integration with tools such as LOCUS Notebook and LOCUS QL.

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Locus Capability 02 DAG Builder

EQ builds its own directed acyclical graph processor on top of the popular Apache Airflow framework. The DAG Builder has been engineered to crunch (and munch) your geospatial workflows with over twenty (20) built-in helper stages.

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Locus Capability 03 Marketplace

When you’re deep in analysis, having access to every geospatially-aligned dataset at your fingertips is a game-changer. That’s why we’ve done the heavy lifting to work with and integrate the most valuable data vendors, to avoid painful procurement processes, validation and clean up. We’ve got thousands of datasets ready to go within the LOCUS Marketplace.

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Locus Capability 04 Dashboards

LOCUS dashboards and maps enable you to visualize the insights in an easy to use and powerful way. Combine data sets, create custom views and drill down to individual location-level insights, all in one place. LOCUS dashboards allow you to pull the insights, the way you need it, allowing for custom colour schemes, templates and reports on-demand - all without requiring deep technical expertise. Book your demo today.

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