Welcome to LOCUS Notebook

EQ Works has launched a Notebook product that enables Data Scientists and Analysts to explore, analyze and visualize customer first-party data alongside EQ’s own proprietary human movement datasets and the extended EQ data marketplace.

LOCUS Notebook is built on the familiar platform of Project Jupyter and extended by the data manipulation prowess of Pandas. These are industry standard tools used by millions of Data Scientists and Analysts, now available within the LOCUS Platform.

  • Transparency

    LOCUS Notebooks provide sophisticated data teams within companies the opportunity to avoid black box algorithms and carry out analysis in a transparent and secure data sandbox. LOCUS Marketplace is the premier location for geospatial data, and once subscribed, LOCUS Notebook becomes the place for analysis, statistical modelling and deep learning.

  • Batteries Included

    The notebook environment facilitates access to EQ Works’ core location and data capabilities via the new LOCUS Data SDK.
    The capabilities of the LOCUS Data SDK enable analysts to access their first-party data, leverage hundreds of Canadian proprietary datasets available in the LOCUS Data
    Marketplace and powerful machine learning models pre-built and maintained by EQ Works.

  • Data Capabilities

    The QL data engine is able to access EQ Works’ core location data capabilities, advertiser marketing data at a granular event level, your first-party data accessed via Connection Hub while leveraging hundreds of Canadian proprietary datasets available in the LOCUS Data Marketplace.

  • Packages

    LOCUS Notebooks provide access to thousands of pre-vetted, Python packages, extending capabilities well beyond EQ
    Works to the wider open source software community.

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