EQ Works Proprietary DMP Creative Studio

Our award-winning studio produces bespoke custom ads that create positive moments and build brand loyalty. A Canadian-based team that’s here to help cut through marketing noise and drive results through innovation.


EQ strives for top notch customer success through active listening, thoughtful organization and detailed strategy building.

  • The ability to go beyond standard offering with custom creative
  • Ingests & collects data through data feeds & tracking
  • Flexible work style help at any stage of creative process
  • Offer bespoke & new to market innovative ad creations
  • Always abide by iab standards & guidelines
  • Mobile experover 8 years of ts with experience
  • Creative consultants applying best practices & learnings

Working With Our Team

When starting the creative process, EQ Studio gathers as much information on a campaign to set the stage. Our team keeps campaign goals in mind when providing recommendations for high impact capabilities and formats, and even tailoring functionalities to fit best with that campaign.

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with EQ Works and their Creative Studio. Their creative team is attentive, responsive, detail oriented and have made creative generation hassle-free. I have confidence and trust in their team and would recommend EQ Studio to anyone who is looking for innovative creative to amplify their brand’s mobile advertising campaigns.”– Senior Digital Media Specialist

Creative Studio Innovation

Here are some unique creative samples from trusted brands we’ve worked with