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Use movement data to understand more about your customers and compete better against your competition.

You have great data on what’s happening inside your 4 walls (Digital and Physical) but you know nothing about what your customers do once they leave. With limited knowledge on your competitor’s customers, it makes it difficult to compete. Using LOCUS to query any location and layering on additional data, gives you deep competitive insights that almost make it feel wrong. Run reports to discover which locations are losing market share. Learn where your competitor’s customers live and layer on thousands of data points to help make better decision making for sales, marketing and store planning. Use LOCUS’ massive data pool of over 18M users or bring your own data to empower LOCUS and provide powerful geospatial analytics to grow and increase your market share.

Visitation ReportAnalyze foot traffic trends across different time periods, geographic areas or individual locations to analyze performance and uncover trends.

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Cross Visit MapAnalyze foot traffic trends between your locations and your competitors, uncovering seasonal trends and regional differences in consumer behaviour and marketshare.

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LOCUS NotebookEQ Works has launched a Notebook product that enables Data Scientists and Analysts to explore, analyze and visualize customer first-party data and the extended EQ marketplace.

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Customer Value

  • Target With PrecisionATOM enables unparalleled targeting by radius or polygon at any distance. Stop wasting money with “Spray and Pray” tactics and drill down to target the people who need your message the most.
  • Valuable Data AssetsATOM is preloaded with valuable audience segments that can be bought via channels like mobile, desktop, video and connected TV. Get to market quickly and effectively with data assets you can’t find on the other major platforms like Google and Facebook.
  • Real Time ReportingATOM provides a reporting interface that gives you geographical insights that aren’t available on other platforms. Insights that can be applied and reapplied to drive performance improvements and efficiencies.
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