Locus Marketplace is one of Canada’s largest repositories of data and is used to assist companies with
better consumer analytics, data monetization, data validation, and customer acquisition.


In addition to EQ’s own proprietary data, we have created relationships with dozens of 3rd party data sources and processed this data to make it available for a variety of different use cases. Whether it’s real estate, insurance, consumer spending, demographic or online behaviour, if you want to learn more about your customers, discover the optimal location for a new store, validate the effectiveness of your media, or build a segment for digital activation, Locus Marketplace has you covered.

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Zero party data and 1st party data collected from your customers directly, are some of the most powerful assets a company can have. The ability to enrich and augment this data, features that LOCUS is known for, make data even more powerful and is required to bring this asset to the next level. Imagine being able to compare the overall spend propensities of your consumers while planning a new product launch? Imagine knowing in advance that your customers are about to have a significant life event? Imagine knowing what else, outside of your business, is important to your customers, so that you can customize incentives, increase their basketsize, or improve loyalty and retention. LOCUS Marketplace allows you to subscribe to 1000’s of different data sets, allowing you to enrich, analyze and compare data to best position your business, get a better understanding of your customers, understand how your investments are performing and overall strategically build strong and long lasting relationships.

Customer Acquisition

Growth is the key to any business and understanding the makeup of your customer base is vital to new customer acquisition. Having a full profile of your customer base allows for highly scalable, look-a-like models and discovery of customers who are identical to your “most-valued” but who don’t currently interact with your brand. These powerful data sets are made even more impactful by actioning them through media platforms like ATOM, or other major programmatic or social (Facebook) platforms, or even outside of digital media entirely. Whether you’re focussed on digital campaigns, flyer drops, OOH, or elsewhere, the data gained from LOCUS can lower your CPA and raise your ROAS.

Customer acquisition, however, isn’t always about advertising. As a geospatial data company, we truly value the adage of “location, location, location”. When analyzing store locations, planners are always looking for data to determine which areas are ideal. With unprecedented housing prices and a future where people can work from anywhere, traditional knowledge of certain neighbourhoods, towns or cities may no longer be valid. From the data available in LOCUS Marketplace, you can plot out the ideal location to open, before your competition.

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Monetize Your Own Data

Data is a valuable asset that can be monetized. LOCUS Marketplace helps businesses sell their anonymized data to other businesses and forms a new revenue stream for an organization. While one would not want to sell their own proprietary CRM records, trends and spend propensities that brands have observed are not seen as confidential as, and this is your opportunity to monetize those learnings.

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