EQ builds its own directed acyclic graph processor on top of the popular Apache Airflow framework. The DAG Builder has been engineered to crunch (and munch) your geospatial workflows with over fifty (50) built-in helper stages.

EQ has taken the most common workflows for geospatial analysis such as; measuring traffic to a collection of business locations, doing cross walk-in (foot traffic) analysis comparing between collections of businesses such as competitors, building Audience Segments against a consumer behavioural pattern and generating highly detailed reports for detailed analysis. All of these workflows are enabled through an easy to use, intuitive user interface. This enables people of all skill levels to be able to do deep geospatial analysis to solve business problems while retaining the customization previous only available to Data Science teams inside big tech.

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  • Complete freedom to analyze the data around locations that matter to you
  • Access to EQ’s highly curated global points of interest database
  • Run complex computations that are not possible within the limitations of a personal computer leveraging our compute cluster services
  • Predetermined workflows for walkin, cross walkin, verified walkin and home location segments and reports available with a few clicks through the builder

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