To increase the number of test drives booked and build and price actions on the website by 10%.


When it came to audience creation, the client had significant amounts of data at its fingertips. Finding new ways to leverage that data in response to increasing digital competition was where the challenge lay.

EQ’s solution

With the wealth of audience data already available, we wanted to take full advantage. We combined the target customer personas provided, as well as their first-party customer data, and used it to create 34 separate audience segments.

To make sure we had the most high-impact, high-intent audiences possible, we accentuated the segments with our Location Behaviour data. Using this data, we were able to specifically target members of our audiences who had attended the auto show within the last 120 days, visited the Client’s dealerships within the past 30 days, or had visited a competing dealership within the past 30 days (a conquested audience).

Two sets of creatives were provided by the brand for us to execute. The first was a dynamic ad that showcased the most popular vehicles. Clicks were tracked and retargeted with the second sets of creatives, encouraging the viewer to book a test drive or to build and price the model they had expressed interest in.

Targeting was continuously optimized throughout the course of the campaign.


The initial campaign was set to run for six months, and was renewed for another six. EQ’s efforts resulted in an 18% increase in test drives in the first six months, which then increased to 30% by the end of the second six-month period. The campaign also resulted in a 26% increase from the previous year of of build and price conversions.

The client says

To be honest, we hadn’t gone into the campaign expecting to obtain much more than we had in previous campaigns. We had severely underestimated the impact of behavioural targeting – a very pleasant surprise! Extremely impressed with the results and looking forward to seeing what more we can achieve in the next campaigns.