Understand the real impact of your media buy.

Visilink Verified, a metric you can trust

In a world where metrics like CTR are a thing of the past, being able to verify that an ad works is what really counts. A Visilink Verified Walk-In occurs when an individual walks into a physical location after seeing a digital ad.

Visilink Verified metrics go even deeper. Now, you can access how long an ad took to achieve a Verified Walk-In, and how much it cost. These metrics are invaluable, allowing you to determine – with certainty – what’s really working.

Take attribution to a whole new level

Marketers can now assess the relative performance of multiple vendors across numerous KPIs, determine overlap between vendors, and eliminate wasted ad spend. What more could you ask for?

With Visilink, you can finally close the loop between ad spend and measurable business outcomes and take attribution to a whole new level.

It’s time to step it up.