Marketers looking for results partner with EQ.

Understand, apply, and target.

We partner with brands to understand the objectives of every marketing campaign and utilize our proprietary location behaviour data and algorithms to identify and create the most effective and impactful targeted audience segments.

These audience segments are then used to execute targeted media buying – whether through your preferred media partner or through Atom, our proprietary in-house media buying platform.

Impeccable service, unparalleled results.

And we don’t stop there.

We ensure that you get the service and the results you need by deploying the power of data to effectively identify, analyze, and optimize your advertising campaigns.

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Simplify your tech stack

Our product lineup means you get the best of all worlds – in one place.

We incorporate the value of location behaviour and the EQ data advantage into each step of the advertising process for maximum – and undeniable – results.

From media buying and targeted audience creation to campaign measurement, exploring your options elsewhere is no longer a requirement.

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Media buying

Proprietary self-serve platform allows brands to wield the power of programmatic digital advertising through the same technology employed by Fortune 500 companies.

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Audience creation

Unique first-party audience segments based on where people go. Use location behaviour to create, target, and analyze audiences and provide deep customer insights.

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