Increased scrutiny on privacy has led to industry initiatives to remove identifiers (3P Cookies and DeviceIDs) from the bidstream, causing a need for privacy forward adtech solutions to segment audiences while maintaining privacy


Marketers need an at scale alternative to 3rd party cookies, the IDFA and other individual identifiers that allows them to aggregate together audiences for behavioural targeting.

EQ’s Solution

EQ Works has been preparing for the scaled identity crisis for the past several years. Taking several geospatial data sets from market leading providers, as well as 2 years of EQ visitation data, allows for EQ to transfer one to one deviceID based audiences to geospatial cohorts, removing the need for an identifier to be present in the bidstream to match an audience.

These geospatial cohorts aggregate together areas that have high propensities or concentrations of the target audience into a heatmap that can be activated upon within Atom to reach those users while maintaining privacy at scale.


Moving from one to one targeting on identity to geo-based audiences seems to have negating effects. While the CTRs and Engagement rates drop slightly, the expansion into identity free impression opportunities substantially raises the win rates and lowers the eCPMs, resulting in little change to the eCPCs.

CPM’s with similar bids decreased just over 8%. While there was a minor drop in engagement rate, the CPM decrease leads to slightly lower eCPCs