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Largest Dataset

We track the entire mobile ecosystem on the continent, giving us the largest database of location behaviour data and insights in North America.

Proprietary Platform

Our proprietary technology overlays location behaviour data with machine learning algorithms and advanced AI solutions for unparalleled results.

Industry Leadership

Our winning combination of data science and location behaviour insights makes us the leader in the fastest-growing segment of the advertising industry.

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EQ Works Announces the Launch of LOCUS Commute, Allowing Retailers, Insurance Providers and Out of Home Networks to Understand Movement Patterns of Canadians

Utilizing proprietary mapping applications, predictive algorithms, and data partnerships, EQ sc...

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EQ Inc. Announces Acquisition of Leading Rewards Application: Paymi

EQ adds new consumer business to drive incremental revenue and add consent-based proprietary da...

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EQ Inc. Announces $1.8 Million Agreement with Leading Media Agency Holding Company

LOCUS platform to provide data solutions and insights to leverage online and offline audiences...

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