Toronto, ON: EQ Inc. (TSXV: EQ) (“EQ Works Inc.” or “EQ”), North America’s leader in location and behaviour data intelligence (“Location Behaviour”), is pleased to announce the signing of an annual contract with a leading Western Media Agency for its audience creation and insight reporting console. The signing of an annual license for EQ’s proprietary LOCUS platform is a significant milestone for the company as it continues to build its licensing revenue to provide an additional stream of recurring and consistent revenue.

EQ’s LOCUS platform provides brands with audience data obtained by leveraging Location Behaviour. This type of data has never been captured before and EQ’s ability to package these audiences and provide them to marketers is a huge step forward for the industry.

“We are providing our partners with macro information on how populations move and insights into their real world behavior,” says Dilshan Kathriarachchi, Chief Technology Officer at EQ Works. “This level of understanding is invaluable for impactful advertising.”

With data becoming a competitive differentiator for companies across all industries, EQ’s ability to expand its offering to include Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) is a significant step forward.  This type of license allows brands to obtain LOCUS audience data on an ongoing basis, ensuring the most complete, accurate and up-to-date information possible.

With location data identified as one of the key drivers for marketers in 2018, combining this offer with EQ’s already powerful location behavior platform provides a high-value proposition for brands, who require real-time intelligence and transparency at their fingertips to effectively engage in decision-making for their digital media buys across social media, search, and programmatic.

About EQ Works

EQ Works ( provides a smarter way to target customers using Location Behaviour. Using first-party, location-based behaviour signals, advanced data analytics, and proprietary software, EQ Works creates and targets customized, performance-boosting audience segments. Proprietary algorithms and data, combined with Artificial Intelligence, generate attribution models that connect consumer behaviour in the physical world to behaviour in the digital world, helping solve complex challenges for brands and agencies. 

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