Small Business

Take Control of Your Digital Marketing With A Media Solution Tailored for Small Business.  Meet Atom. 

ATOM Display Ad Buying for Small Business

With Atom, you control all of the key factors required for a successful small business campaign.

  • Hyper-local targeting: Atom allows you to target your ad down to a 1 mile radius of any street address in North America. Instead of wasting your time and money targeting everyone with the “paper flyer” technique, hyper-local allows you to target only your best prospects. We can help.
  • Device Targeting: Devices are not only different sizes but they often perform very different tasks. If you’re a restaurant, why force a customer to fill out a reservation form on the small screen of a mobile phone? Add a simple “click to call” button and make the process seamless and have your customers connect with you in one click. We can help.
  • Time of Day Targeting: Different ads based on time of day or day of week can be very powerful.  Don’t waste money by targeting customers when they aren’t around.  Do you really want to advertise at 3am? We can help.
  • Retargeting: We’ve all been there. You look at something online and then it seems to follow you everywhere you go. This is called retargeting and it helps convert browsers to buyers. You can do this in Atom.  We can help.
  • Brand Awareness: The best way to turn a small business into a large business is through brand awareness. The more people know about your brand, the more likely they are to buy from you. Atom helps broaden your business’s reach and reputation. We can help.

Atom lets you set your own budget and display ads to your ideal customer so that none of your spend goes to waste.

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