Scion Automotive


Acquired first-page search ranking on all top-priority keywords

Scion Automotive

  • 11 Jan 2016
  • Scion Automotive
  • AdWords, Search, SEM, SEO


Scion’s main objective was to be a dominating auto company in search results for a wide variety of branded terms. Despite being “branded” terms, achieving these rankings is significant due to the high concentration of enthusiast and auto vertical media properties.


A slick online properties micro-site development was implemented by EQ, along with content, as well as implementing a content blogging strategy in order to achieve top organic rankings on Google, Yahoo and Bing with various Scion websites and blogs. EQ also ensured Scion’s online social community was engaged, as well as providing on-site recommendations when working with flash structure.


  • SEO rankings increased on 8 top-priority keywords to the top 3 search results
  • A first-page ranking was acquired on all top-priority keywords