Nova Scotia Community College


Reduced a two-week process to 3 days

Nova Scotia Community College

  • 1 Jan 2016
  • Nova Scotia Community College
  • CRM, Web Developmet, Web Strategy


As a Community College in Nova Scotia, NSCC had vast amounts of community (student, faculty, etc.) information. The format of information varied from digital to hard copy. As a result, data-entry involved many manual steps, which was very time-consuming. NSCC turned to EQ to help the team via the development of automated methods to input and store all information digitally and a customized CRM.


EQ Works employed multiple strategies for storing, tracking, and organizing the data. EQ developed a system to store curriculum lists and information in a digital environment with the capability to search and filter results. EQ also worked with NSCC to develop a process and the corresponding technology to track and report on campus injuries, which included integration for facilitating insurance claims.

For convenient transmission of data, EQ reconstructed one of NSCC’s back-end systems from unstructured data to synchronized and organized data. NSCC’s TestDrive service was also built into a tracking module and customized CRM system which was served over 13 different SharePoint lists.


  • Reduced a full-day task to 15 minutes (TestDrive analysis and reporting)
  • Reduced a two-week process to 3 days (Curriculum-input initiatives)
  • Created an injury tracking and reporting system in compliance with Health & Safety Regulations