50% increase in quality online leads and 25% increase in overall sales


  • 15 Apr 2016
  • Hydropool
  • Website design, Website development


Hydropool is the world’s largest manufacturer and distributor of premium hot tubs and swim spas. Hydropool’s vision is to become the digital marketing leader in their industry, which requires leadership in:

  • Being sought out by consumers and retailers based on their brand and reputation
  • Providing Hydropool retailers with the highest quality and most leads in the industry
  • Providing retailers with the best support in the industry
  • Creating an efficient machine for converting leads to sales
  • Creating new revenue opportunities from the digital space


EQ Works conducted extensive research to deliver an e-strategy and web marketing roadmap. A strategy along with a blueprint and plan of action with specific tactics and timelines designed to allow Hydropool to evolve its web presence were developed. Finally, EQ presented an ROI (return on investment) and cost of ownership model, with estimates and forecasts based on a range of options.


  • 50% increase in quality online leads which has led directly to a 25% increase in overall sales
  • 67% of all traffic completes a profile survey which has led to a 200% increase in web conversion rate
  • A 124% return on investment generated from confirmed sales