Harlequin Romance Novels


Harlequin engaged EQ Works to utilize our hyper-local geo-targeting to identify 'Cowboy Romance' book readers

Harlequin Romance Novels

  • 26 May 2016
  • Harlequin Novels
  • Geo-Location, Lead Generation, Online Sales, Programmatic Buying
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  • Harlequin, a household name in romance novels, partnered with EQ Works to reach their target audience via the latest mobile location technology.
  • The outcome? Ideal customers were targeted near book displays, resulting in an impressive 16% overall CTR (click-through rate).


  • Harlequin partnered with EQ with the main goal of finding and marketing directly to consumers who would most enjoy the brand’s newest novel, Wyoming Rugged.
  • Their prime target market included people with an affinity for cowboys and rodeos across the continental United States.


  • EQ used its advanced geolocation technology to determine targets who were in attendance at more than 100 rodeos countrywide.
  • Rodeo enthusiasts who frequented Wal-Mart stores were then targeted with ads, often near carefully-placed Wyoming Rugged displays


  • High CTRs – While the overall Click-Through Rate (CTR) of 0.16% was impressive, the optimized desktop CTR was even higher at 0.86%
  • Exceptional ROI – Harlequin saw an exceptional return of investment on the campaign, earning back $10 for every $1 spent.
  • 2000+ Number of Walmart stores at which consumers were reached.
  • 100+ Number of Rodeos at which targets were initially acquired.


“Great campaign! Loved working with EQ!”

-Ashley McDonald, Harlequin