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Recruit More Students Online

Academy of Learning College

  • 15 Apr 2016
  • Academy of Learning College
  • Lead Generation, Programmatic Buying, SEM, SEO, Social Ads
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  • Recruitment of new students through Digital media and online platforms.
  • Generate brand awareness and brand engagement with prospect students.
  • Improve the ROI on marketing efforts by positioning the corresponding ads.

87% of Millennials search for their post secondary options online first.


  • Initial 3 month contract to test at various channels: Web, Mobile, Social and Video Ads online.
  • Led a comprehensive digital marketing strategy where EQ worked with client on strategy, messaging and execution – with programmatic, real time bidding, search and e-commerce tools.
  • Real-time, data informed decision making.


  • Turned a short term “test” campaign into a 24 month campaign and counting…
  • Improved the performance of digital marketing strategy by getting a 300% return on their investment, in less than 3 months.
  • Leveraged several digital channels to acquire students more cost effectively successfully.

The team at EQ began conservatively, learned how to best find and convert our audience and adapted these learnings to our campaigns, which has led to an increase in investment based on results. I has been two years and our partnership is stronger than ever.
Heather Yang Academy of Learning College