EQ Inc. Announces the release of ATOM for Small Business

EQ Inc. Announces the release of ATOM for Small Business

A new Self-Serve Media Buying Platform to service North Americas $50 Billion SMB Marketplace

TORONTO, ON – ( May 21, 2015) – EQ Inc. (TSXV: EQ) (“EQ Works”) a leader in audience targeting across all digital platforms is pleased to announce the launch of “ATOM”, a new self-service digital media buying solution. ATOM gives small and medium sized businesses (SMB’s) the tools to execute digital advertising campaigns to local and international audiences through all mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. 

“Since 2000, we have worked with many of the world’s most successful brands by providing audience targeting solutions that help grow their businesses using some of the most sophisticated digital tools and solutions,” said President and CEO, Geoffrey Rotstein.  “The problem for SMB’s, is that these platforms are so complex and expensive that they are only available to Fortune 1000 companies. Now, with ATOM, we give all businesses, big and small, access to one of the industry’s best advertising platforms through an easy to use interface at a price they can afford.”

Advertisers can target their cutomers based on demographics, behavioral data, census data, age, gender, viewing habits, and much more.  Ads will be delivered on any device (desktop, tablet, phone) and through all browsers and mobile apps.  ATOM’s location-focused features also lets users execute “hyper-local” targeting down to a 1 mile range from any street address in North America. The advertiser’s ads will only reach users within that designated area whether that area is around their own location or that of a competitor.

ATOM brings digital media buying to the under-represented $50 billion customer segment of the SMB marketplace in North America.  By providing SMB’s with the abilty to execute hyper-local buys or interact with customers anywhere on the continent, ATOM will help drive small and medium sized business through their next stage of growth. ATOM’s self-serve platform provides an easy-to-use interface where advertisers can create, manage, monitor, and optimize their campaigns from anywhere at any time. ATOM is integrated with all the major ad exchanges, which provides a tremendous reach, and has integrated machine learning logic and targeting capabilities to ensure that every dollar is spent efficiently.

About ATOM 

ATOM (go.atom.works ) is a self-service digital media buying solution for small and medium sized businesses. ATOM integrates the complex systems of real-time bidding, powerful targeting, data management and optimization capabilities with an easy to use interface and and the most insightful reporting tools.  By combining these features, ATOM enables business to create and manage digital media campaigns for local or national audiences and deliver banner ads to all mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

About EQ Works 

EQ Works (www.eqworks.com) provides a smarter way to target customers. The Company uses its real-time technology and advanced analytics to detect the actionable data that boosts performance for all web, mobile, social and video initiatives. EQ Works balances the many components that comprise the complex advertising ecosystem and establishes equilibrium for reaching the right audience at the right time through any web or mobile device.



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